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9 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Sonya says:

    Wow, Having Ed help me find my car was exactly like having a “Professional Dad”. He answered all my questions, dealt with the car sales guys, and didn’t overload me with information that would confuse me. All I wanted was a little red car for the best price. Ed did all the work so all I had to do was show up and sign. Thanks Ed! You ROCK!

  2. Nelson says:

    I went to one of Ed’s seminars at The Burbank Credit Union. His advice probably earned me an extra $1000 when I sold my used car. He knows his stuff!

  3. Hi Ed!
    This is a great idea, you blogging.
    I just want to tell your readers that you have helped me buy my last two cars (VW Golf & my current Toyota Prius) not to mention all the in between calls for your opinions. Ed takes all the stress out of buying a car…he IS like a “dad”, like the above gal says.
    Ed is a car buyers best friend! Not to mention one heck of a great guy!

  4. Hey, Ed:
    We love the blog site. Thanks for the info on warranties, always a vexing issue.
    And by the way, Ed has helped us buy our last 4 cars.
    Not only has he made it possible for us to totally avoid the stress of buying a car, he’s gotten us great deals every time out.
    There’s nothing better than having Ed pull up to your house with your new car…all we had to do was walk out, sign some papers and get the keys.
    Thank you, Ed.

  5. The Youngers says:


    We’re so glad you have this public forum for customers like us to rave about you and your services. Our new Highlander is sitting in our driving with that new car smell made even sweeter because of your help. Thank you for your patience, level-headedness, guidance, and advice especially in the months leading up to our final decision. We can’t tell you how much easier and more comfortable it was working with you rather than a salesperson in the “showroom.” We felt we could ask you any question (sometimes twice!) without feeling pressured or naive. And the fact that the car was then delivered to our house and the paper work took 5 minutes made the deal even sweeter. Now both of our cars (the Prius before this one) have your good luck attached. We look forward to all our future cars being made special by that Ed Levitt touch.

    Thanks again!

    The Youngers

  6. Marty G says:

    Don’t know where to begin, but I’ll start with YOU ARE THE BEST! How can someone buy a car without you? Answer me that. Besides holding my hand through the lease or buy decision and explaining all possible scenarios until I was sure, you then go out and nail down the best price possible. And I don’t have to even see the sausage being made! You just come back to the table with the tasty deal and all I have to do is enjoy. If anyone is on the fence about using a car broker or not, or you in particular, please send them my email and I will talk them off the ledge. THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to explain, making the effort on behalf and securing the best price and terms possible for me. Ed… you ARE the CAR GUY!!
    Best and thanks again,

    Marty G

  7. Shah Mundell says:

    Ed Car Guy rocks. He helped me find one car already and will be using him for the next one very soon!

  8. Yoshimi Satoh says:

    I bought my Prius C last September. we were struggle to find a specific color, model and match with my budget.
    we did not like any dealer we went. They were trying to push to sell more stuff like North Hollywood Toyota. Since I got Ed though my co-worker, we called right away and left a message. he called us back same day and asked us for what is my budget, what kind of color we want and hang up. conversation was not even 10 min. couple weeks passed, he called us back and he find a car and emailed us contact name of dealer. Budget was exact matched ours which was $20,000.00. he gave us fleet managers name at dealer and we did not have to deal any other people when I got there. By the way, before we go to dealer, he emailed us and he made sure he will be available for a day we pick up a car.
    I did not worry about anything before I go to dealer with my husband, because Ed is helping us and we received 2% finance on the phone by feet manager. Day we pick up a car, they told us our finance will be 4%, not 2%. So my husband stood up and left a office and called Ed. Ed helped us for how we can negotiate and we ended up to receive 2.79% finance at Toyota dealer.

    For us, Ed was not just only broker guy, he was also helped us for finance wise and all over our questions. My husband will be looking for new car again this year. we will be contact Ed again for our new car. I also introduced my co-worker at work. she ended up to not buying car that time, however she told me she will contact him again if she needs some car. I definitely recommend Ed Guy. Surprised to that, we never met him yet. Unbelievable…….. Thank you so much Ed

  9. thecommutr says:

    Ever heard of Car Gurus? Ed is that guru. He’s part therapist, part broker, and 100% world class. Ed has worked with my dad for years, landing him with awesome deals and kick-ass rides. When I told him I was looking for a Subaru Crosstrek, he made his calls and used his connections from decades in the business to hook me up with a 2017 model at almost $1,000 off the Kelley Blue Book value. He’s calm and cool with a great sense of humor, but all jokes aside— Ed is your man. Need a car, call the Car Guy.

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