Keeping it simple and real

“VIVIAN” Wins 1st Place

Vivian was invited to a charity Car Rally held at the Foster’s Freeze in Burbank on Sunday November 7, 2010. The 34 cars were in the competition for a “Peoples Choice” Award. When Cheryl and I got to the show, I was amazed at some of the modified cars in the competition. There was an El Camino that had an all chrome engine and (at least) a $25,000-paint job on it. That car was worth about $60,000 As well as a 1970 convertible 454 GTO worth over $125,000 and some other awesome cars.

I didn’t think Vivian had a chance to win the trophy. I thought that, most people would vote for the flashy cars. Cheryl reminded me that, “Vivian is in a class by herself.”

Cheryl was absolutely right! People loved her originality, simplicity and how great she looked at 42 years old. Vivian won by a landslide! 39 1st place votes. The closest to her had 12 votes. It showed me there is something to be said for keeping it real and original.

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