I’m a classic, car owner that is…

I was attending an all Mustang car show on Sunday the 26TH 2010 with Camaro Cheryl at The Airtel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys. While walking around the show, I saw this beautiful Brittany Blue 1968 Mustang with the licenses plate VIV 860. The owner of the car smiled and said “you want to take her off my hands?” I asked…. Why? He told me he had too many toys and needed room in the garage. I looked over the car and found it to be in GREAT condition and only 63, 700 original miles.

He showed me all of his very detailed documentation of the 1ST owner Martha Livingston. The original documentation was astounding. Cheryl and I left the show and went to lunch.

At lunch I could not get that car off my mind. I didn’t go to the show looking for a coupe. I wanted to get a 1971-1972 Convertible. Cheryl encouraged me to go back and look at the car again. We returned to the show just as it was closing. I looked at the car again and knew I had to get her.

I knew it was the perfect thing to do. The former owner gave me all the documentation on the car as well as the four 1ST Place trophies that Vivian had won in the past car shows for being all original.

I have all the original paper work and service records for the last 42 years! I will continue the documentation of this lovely ladies travels.

I love the classic cars. The more I learn about them the more I can help my self and others in this specialty field.

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