5 Tips You Need To Know Before Going To The Dealer

1. Know what you are paying for.
Here’s the scenario: You’re at the dealer and see a car you like. You ask, “What’s the price of this car?” The salesman replies, “Can you afford $400 a month?” This is when you should walk away. The key to any deal is to manage the numbers separately (the price of the car, fees, taxes, etc.). Getting preapproved at Burbank City allows you to handle the price of the vehicle without worrying about the financing numbers.
2 . EXTRAS! EXTRAS! (read all about them).
Alarm systems, GAP insurance, chrome wheels, extended warrantees and lease rates have negotiable costs. You can do research on your own or give me a call. I can offer specific advice and facts on how you may be able to save both money and time.
3. Take your time – do your homework.
Big, costly mistakes can happen fast at the dealership. I have members in my office every week that unknowingly put more cash in the dealer’s pocket because they didn’t do their research. Investigate rebates and incentives on the models you’re looking at. And don’t be pressured into signing forms you don’t understand. Taking time before you buy equals more cash in your Burbank City account!
4. Take a test drive.
This is the MOST important part of the car buying experience. What good is the deal, if you don’t like the way the car drives? Find out if you like the head room, storage space, how it feels and handles on the road, and try the heater, air-conditioner and entertainment system. Reduce your chance of “Buyers Remorse” by test-driving the car.
5. CarFax is good – but not perfect.
Buy a used car? CarFax is a good tool to obtain DMV information, but it does not indicate any potential damage done to a vehicle that was not reported to an insurance company. Therefore, spend some time with the car and take note of any dull surfaces or overspray which could be a sign of an unreported collision.

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